kitchen planner

kitchen planner in your home.  Why not have a professional independent kitchen planner come to your home we can advise you on everything from kitchen design having your kitchen planned  give you the best option for your space along with a proper kitchen site survey which is invaluable when buying your   kitchen knowing that everything will fit. Consultation cost €99

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Modern kitchen ideas

Modern kitchen ideas are all about clean lines well proportion scale and semicircle shape with no fuss what dose all that mean in reality as you can see the modern kitchen above it has all of those attributes there are no Qantas or pelmets handles are discreet although the doors come handless to improve the clean lines. There is a very large larder section on the back wall as you can see it is semicircle if you look at the centre of the 2 cooker every thing it identical eater side. The countertop section has a clean

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