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How long does a typical project take to complete?2024-04-06T16:17:36+00:00

Project timelines vary based on the complexity and scale of the work. We strive to complete projects efficiently while maintaining our high standards of quality. We’ll provide a timeline estimate once we have all the details of your project.

What materials do you use for kitchen fittings?2024-04-06T16:17:26+00:00

We use a range of high-quality materials, chosen for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. During your consultation, we can discuss material options that best suit your style and budget.

Do you work outside of Dublin?2024-04-06T16:16:40+00:00

Please contact us with your location details. While our primary service area is Dublin, we may accommodate requests from nearby areas based on our current workload and travel capacity.

Are the installations carried out by the company?2024-04-06T16:16:04+00:00

Our experienced installation team handles all aspects of the project, ensuring a seamless and high-quality installation process from start to finish.

How can I get a quote for my project?2024-04-06T16:15:53+00:00

You can request a quote by contacting us through our website. We’ll discuss your project details and provide a tailored estimate based on your requirements.

Do you customize designs for different spaces?2024-04-06T16:15:41+00:00

Each project we undertake is tailor-made to fit the specific dimensions and aesthetic preferences of your space. We pride ourselves on creating designs that are both practical and visually appealing.

Do you have examples of previous work?2024-04-06T16:15:29+00:00

Yes, our website features a gallery of our completed projects, showcasing the variety and quality of our work. We encourage potential clients to view these to understand our craftsmanship and design capabilities.

Can I book an appointment in the evening?2024-04-06T16:14:18+00:00

For your convenience, we offer evening appointments to fit your schedule. Our goal is to make our service as accessible as possible.

Do you offer free consultations?2024-04-06T16:14:04+00:00

Absolutely! We believe in understanding your needs firsthand, which is why we offer no-charge home consultations to discuss your project requirements and our services.

What services does Kitchenfitter.ie offer?2024-04-06T15:56:26+00:00

We provide bespoke kitchen fitting, including customized wardrobes and unique TV and alcove units, specifically designed for each customer’s home in Dublin. Our focus is on creating functional, stylish, and high-quality installations.


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